rAge rumble: Minecraft Tounament

8 - 10 DECEMBER 2023

Largest Primary School eSports Tournament In South Africa.


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Welcome to the first rAge Rumble: eSports School Tournament in South Africa.
We are excited to invite schools to participate in this competitive gaming event. Teams of 4 players per school will showcase their teamwork and strategic skills in this colorful and action-packed game.

Why Minecraft Education

  • Playing Minecraft Education teaches players a variety of skills, including:
    1. Creativity: Minecraft encourages players to design their own world, fostering a sense of creativity.
    2. Teamwork: In a tournament format, students can learn the importance of collaboration and partnership to reach common goals.
    3. Problem Solving: Minecraft involves complex tasks that enhance problem-solving abilities, crucial in life beyond the game.
    4. Strategic Thinking: Minecraft requires players to plan their moves in advance, encouraging foresight and strategic thinking.
    5. Decision Making: Fast-paced scenarios in the game teach kids to make quick and conscious decisions.
    6. Resource Management: Players learn to manage scarce resources within the game, a skill that is vital in the real world too.
    7. Focus and Concentration: To win, participants need to be highly focused and maintain concentration for prolonged periods.
    8. Adaptability: Since every game and situation is different, students learn to adapt to ever-changing scenarios swiftly.
    9. Spatial awareness: Simulated 3D environments help kids develop better spatial awareness.
    10. Time Management: Balancing gaming and other responsibilities can foster good time management habits.
    11. Mathematical Skills: The game involves calculations like the number of blocks to gather or place, aiding in improving maths skills.
    12. Technological Fluency: As a digital game, Minecraft can enhance technological proficiency and computer literacy.
    13. Resilience: Dealing with challenges and setbacks in the game teaches students to persevere and remain resilient.
    14. Effective Communication: Team-based challenges require players to communicate effectively for efficient coordination.
    15. Leadership Skills: In tournament play, students may have opportunities to step up as a team leader, hence fostering leadership qualities.
    16. Emotional Resilience: The game’s competitive nature can also teach students how to handle stress and pressure.

Tournament Details

Experience why Minecraft Education is a great choice to enhance your esports program: 
– Teams: 4 vs 4
– Game Modes: Time trials, PvP
– Format: Trials & Top 8 knock-out
– Location: Gallagher Convention Centre
– Each School that participates will receive 5 Player passes (4 Players and the coach)
Tournament Participants
Experience why Minecraft Education is a great choice to enhance your esports program: 
– Event Gaming Equipment: Minecraft Gaming PCs
– Prizes for the winning teams individual players will be sponsored and there will also be a school “Spirit” award that will be given to a school showing the best spirit from the attendees at the event (Spectators and supporters)

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Event Partners

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Terms and Conditions

  • Eligibility: This tournament is open to currently enrolled students in your school.
  • Equipment: RGB Gaming is not responsible for personal equipment failure during the tournament.
  • Teamwork: Participants must work in their assigned teams. Changes in team composition are not permissible after registration.
  • Photography and Videography: By partaking in the tournament, participants agree to photography, filming, and sound recording which may include them as members of the audience and accept the possibility of its use in promotional material.
  • Compliance Participants must obey all rules of the tournament and exhibit respectful behavior towards fellow competitors, organizers, and spectators. Any form of cheating, trolling, or other unfair practices may result in immediate disqualification.
  • Data Protection: Personal information provided for registration will be used solely for organizing and running the event.
  • Liability: RGB Gaming will not be held accountable for any injuries or damages incurred during the tournament.
  • Participants play at their own risk.
  • Fair Play: Participants are expected to uphold the spirit of fair play, respecting all decisions made by referees and tournament organizers.
  • Late Arrival: Participants should arrive promptly. Late arrivals to designated matches may result in forfeits.
  • Changes to the Tournament: RGB Gaming reserves the right to cancel or make changes to the tournament at any time without prior notice.
  • By registering, participants agree to abide by these terms and conditions, understanding that failure to do so may lead to their removal from the tournament.

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