Mitchell and Brenton’s Gaming Adventure in Dubai

In June, tech enthusiasts, Mitchell and Brenton, went on an enlightening trip to Dubai. They were excited to visit the city for the Dubai Esports and Games Festival, which was more than just a fun event – it was a chance to learn and connect with others.








As participants in the MakeCode GameJam prize ceremony, they kicked off their journey with cheers and encouragement. Their creative and strategic ideas inspired them and highlighted their potential in the world of gaming in education.




But this trip was not just about competition. Mitchell and Brenton also took part in the Game Expo Summit business networking event. They gained lots of insight by meeting big players from companies like Microsoft, Cloudflare, and Yalla Esports. The meet-up helped them realize the many global opportunities in esports and helped them make new connections, which could lead to future partnerships.

No trip to Dubai is complete without enjoying the beauty and culture of the city. So, they took some time off from gaming to explore Dubai’s high-tech areas. They saw amazing buildings and talked about how technology can help make cities better and more sustainable.

They also went on a thrilling desert safari, an experience they won’t forget anytime soon. The beautiful desert reminded them of the diverse and beautiful world we live in.

Their journey made it clear to them that esports is quickly growing in the Middle East and Africa. It’s not just a hobby anymore – it’s becoming a major industry that’s getting attention from global companies. But the reach of esports doesn’t stop there – it’s also becoming important in education. It helps kids learn about strategy, teamwork, and using digital tools, which makes a strong argument for including it in curriculum.

Mitchell and Brenton returned home with fresh inspiration and a wealth of new knowledge to fuel their gaming ambitions. It’s clear that experiences like these can change our views and even our goals in life. Their trip showed them that the rise of esports is more than a trend – it’s a revolution affecting both the gaming and education sectors.