Qualifier matches between schools, training for esports programs and exposure to industry experts are all included in the invitational esports tournament.


event Details

Welcome to the FIFA 23 Farewll High School Championship in South Africa.
We are excited to invite 8 high schools to participate in this competitive gaming event, with each school receiving an Xbox Series S console and TV to use to run internal qualifiers for the tournament at no cost to the school.
Teams of 2 players per school will showcase their teamwork and strategic skills in this action-packed event for the last time.

Why FIFA 23

1. Boosts Teamwork and Collaboration: FIFA 23’s 2 vs 2 mode fosters a spirit of teamwork among students. They need to coordinate and strategize together to win a match, enhancing their communication and collaboration skills which are crucial in and outside of the classroom.
2. Improves Strategic Thinking: The game mode not only demands quick reflexes but also requires strategic planning to outplay opponents. This will help students improve their analytical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving abilities.
3. Increases Engagement and Interest: FIFA 23 allows students to connect their passion for sports with gaming, ensuring their sustained interest and increased engagement levels. This can also be used as an attractive tool to boost enrollment and participation in school events.
4. Promotes Healthy Competition: FIFA 23’s 2 vs 2 mode encourages healthy competition among students as they vie for victory. The competitive nature of the game can motivate students to strive for success, teaching them the importance of perseverance and working towards a goal. 
5. Develops Tech Proficiency: Playing FIFA 23 can help students become more familiar with and proficient at using technology. This is a valuable skill in the modern digital age, promoting tech-savviness and computer literacy.

Tournament Details

Experience why FIFA 23 is a great choice to enhance your esports program: 
– Teams: 2 vs 2
– Game Modes: 2 vs 2 
– Format: Internal qualifiers decide team to attend the playoffs are Comic Con Africa

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Event Partners

Basic Terms and Conditions

  1. Provided hardware ownership will remain that of RGB Gaming, should a school no longer participate in the tournament, hardware must be returned to RGB Gaming
  2. Hardware will be provided to schools as stipulated at no cost to the school for ualifier events only.
  3. Commitment and participation is needed from the school. With schools already competing in the RGB Gaming Open League, all efforts will be made to align playtime to those schedules for convenience. For schools not participating in the current open league, schedules of playtime will be provided.

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