ADvTECH eSports Symposium

19 September 2022

The program will include esports training, talks on esports and exposure from esports industry experts.

Join us on the 19th of September from 14:00 – 17:00

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Date and Time

19 September 2022 - 14:00-17:00

Event Concecpt

Esports through the use of Minecraft Education Edition provides significant academically based, curriculum linked, and pedagogical supported learning opportunities that not only support the development of 21st Century Skills, but also encompasses the development of STEM Skills, Social and Emotional Learning, Connected Learning, and Digital Literacy.
No more boring webinars – Attendees interact face-to-face with presenters and each other.
A seamless event experience – Instead of jumping from link to link, attendees can simply walk from one session to another, even bumping into each other for a quick catch-up along the way.
 Host engaging keynotes – No more clumsy transitions between presenters — just walk up and start screen sharing. Attendees can ask questions in the chat, or start side conversations with their colleagues.

Why eSports

Esports has gained increased popularity over the past decades and has become synonymous with vital parts of youth culture, creating significant opportunities within the education industry to be leveraged as a tool for learning and skill development. In addition, esports provides the platform upon which students can develop STEM skills or support more effective STEM learning through teamwork, problem-solving, data science, technology, coding, critical thinking, strategic thinking, and collaboration. For example, students who are enthusiastic about esports often dig into their games trying to improve their skills and performance. 
They tend to try and understand the data or try and dive into team mechanics to increase win rate. This process itself is a way of learning. That’s why there are more schools using esports as a learning platform.
With the ever-growing esports industry, high-potential career opportunities are being created, with these career opportunities offered are not limited to those directly connected with the gameplay itself, but rather includes coaching, team management, event organization, and more.

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eSports Insights

Training courses include topics like:
* Establish your esports program 
* Establish your esports Infrastructure 
* Minecraft: Education Edition eSports program development

Industry Speakers

Visit the virtual stage:
– Esports in Africa
– Minecraft eSports Content
– Pro Gamer
– Digital Wellbeing

Jaco Sauer

RGB Gaming

Dr. Denzil Chetty


Russell Pengelly

Computers 4 Kids


Josh Ramsey



Gaming Conversations

> MSI esports PC Experience
> Minecraft Mentor Desk
> Gamers Lounge

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