RGB Centennial Invitational

Education and gaming are two things we don’t often think could meet, in fact, they’re often not even thought of in the same landmass. It used to be that concepts like gaming and education were so far separated they were thought to be alien to each other, with a limited likeness and even more limited ways to compliment each other. The RGB Gaming Centennial Invitational which took place over the weekend showcased why we were all so wrong.

The RGB Gaming Centennial Invitational took place on Saturday the 9th of April and its aim was to utilise Minecraft Education in an esports fashion to show, not only how gaming and education meet, but also how we can meld these two concepts together to create a unique, fun, and exhilarating experience.

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RGB Hosted the first Rage Expo Minecraft Education tournament for primary schools. The invitational tournament included teams from: – Redhill School – Centennial Schools –


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